By force means to go for something, and doing it with confidence and strength.

By Force is all about telling stories that need to be heard, seen and involved in. Whether it is real life stories, based on true events or thoughts that are bursting to be said aloud, I will make it happen! By Force stands for going for something and doing it with confidence and strength behind it. Every project I create will have a sense of urgency to it because it needs to be known across all boarders, sparking a conversation between groups of people you would never imagine coming together.

I would love to create workshops and put on events that will make an impact on lives and the society we live in. In saying that…I have so much work to do. Let’s go! 


When I'm passionate about something
I act on it.

When I am passionate about something, I act on it and that is how By Force was born. My name is Rujenne Green, I am an Actress but I love to play around with spoken word and write till my heart is content! I tend to write about subjects that hit me deep but I never thought about putting my work out there till very recently.

I am open to collaborations, if you like what you see on my page and want to throw ideas around with me please feel free to get in touch. Let’s make it happen! I may not say yes to everything but I am very good at replying.